Apollo Acrylic doors are rich, a solid 18mm thick and uniform in colour.
Apollo Acrylic doors offer a sleek, stylish and contemporary look to your home, available in a wide range of colours.
Apollo Acrylic splashbacks are a great alternative to glass, offering the same look, but cost less, are much easier to install and without the possibility of chipping or breaking.

Colour Choice

Traffic White
Signal White
Pure White
Grey White
Pale Grey
Light Ivory
French Grey
Zinc Yellow
Bright Orange
Light Blue
Cobalt Blue
Grey Beige
Stone Grey
Anthracite Grey
Black Red
Red Brown
Chocolate Brown
Jet Black

Also available in 4mm thickness

– perfect for Backsplashes, Cladding or Plinths

Available in 18mm and 4mm thicknesses, Apollo® Acrylic high gloss kitchen doors can be cut into any size, offering that retro and much sought after modern look. Totally resistant to stains, moisture and UV light, Apollo® Acrylic doors will never fade or lose their high gloss finish. Apollo Acrylic Doors are perfect if you are looking for replacement kitchen doors.

Extensive research has shown that high gloss doors are very much back in fashion and gloss is once again the symbol of modernity. These popular colour trends are here to stay and will create the illusion of a bright and spacious room.

  • Please request a sample as colours may vary in shade from screen colours.